The current strategic objectives of MITS where discussed with the intention of developing new ones which are aligned and relevant to the organisation.  The following strategic objectives were developed:

Provision of IT solutions services

  • Graphic designing and website development;
  • Repair and maintenance of computers;
  • Business to business consulting;
  • Network support setup and configuration;
  • Software development; and
  • Internet café.

Provision of professional services

  • Facilitation of courses;
  • Strategic planning and development;
  • Development of business profiles and plans;
  • End-user computer training;
  • Entrepreneurial incubation seminar; and
  • Marketing services.

Installation and maintenance of security and surveillance devices

  • Install security and surveillance devices; and
  • Conduct maintenance services of air-conditioners

Installation and maintenance of air-conditioners 

  • Install air-conditioners;
  • Conduct maintenance services f air-conditioners

Provision of transversal support services

  • General office administration services;